Tour Choices

  Tour templates below are suggestions, you need not select one; rather, together we merge your desire and choices with our suggestions and create a tour that fits you perfectly.

  Best of New York, on or off the beaten path, outside boroughs, The Bronx, Brooklyn, etc. or even where your father grew up, an Italian neighborhood or the hidden New York built around a theme of your choice, we'll target your wishes. Your thoughts and ideas are most important, it's the best place to start. Together with your wishes we'll help you get started and create a customized tour made just for you.

Tour Choices and Suggestions:

You can mix, match, combine, eliminate, add or subtract sites. If you have questions, requests or suggestions please let us know via the contact page or call 212-222-1441 during 8 AM to 11 PM New York City time.

First Time Here Tour: See the best of New York City; The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty (we recommend that we view her from the shore. To see her up close the best choice is the Water Taxi, no lines, 45 minute spectacular harbor cruise, no airport type security. If you want to go there, step on the island, etc. it could take 3 or more hours with long lines, weather conditions, airport security, etc.), Ground Zero, Wall Street, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Village, Meatpacking District, other fascinating neighborhoods, Central Park and Rockefeller Center. Did we leave something out? Just let us know. Tell us what you'd like to add or omit.

Midtown Magic Tour: The density, energy, diversity and activity is in Midtown and if you'd like to get immersed in the action this is the tour for you. The tallest buildings, the most spectacular parks, Times Square, Hell's Kitchen, Columbus Circle, Central Park, 5th Ave, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower and much more.

Neighborhoods Tour: That's what New York City is, neighborhoods! Chinatown, The Lower Eastside, The Upper Westside, Chelsea, West Village, Soho, Tribeca, Alphabet City and more; Noho, Nolita, DUMBO, FiDi and hidden New York too. A little off the beaten path at times but always on the right track.

Tall Tales Tall Buildings Tour: A kaleidoscope of architectural styles and wonder through the ages. The competition, who were the players, why was The Empire State Building made, what about The Flatiron, the brownstones, Chrysler and places where Savannah porched homes exist, Striver's Row in Harlem, Washington's HQ, Hamilton's home and Pomander Walk. The folklore, innovation and stories behind it all will enthrall you.

Children's Tour: A lot depends on age and from age 3 plus we're got all the places to provide children with a fun tour. From The Police Museum, The Fire Museum, The Children's Museum, Central Park Playgrounds, Merry-go-Round, The Petting Zoo, Dylan's Candy Bar, Economy Candy, a subway ride and even a tram ride across the East River. Fun stuff for the kids.

Teen Age Tour: We know that since teenagers know it all, it's up to us to find new and interesting places for them. We know where the hot spots are for shopping, souvenirs, fashion, Gossip Girls, street sports that are fun to watch for a short spell, special foodie places for the trendy taste bids, a Pizza crawl, and the best burgers in the world. We know where to go and invite the smartest teens too!

How Do New Yorkers Live Tour: We'll take a short ride on the subway, find out how we food shop, where we go to relax, snack where the locals go, visit parks and observe families together and dig in to the pavement and understand how New Yorkers really live, ride the cross town bus, visit the library and stop people to chat, get their opinions and thoughts. A fascinating tour.

Piece of Brooklyn and Manhattan too Tour: Brooklyn is special, once it's own city. The beauty of many of its neighborhoods will amaze you, the Brooklyn Bridge, a 15 minute walk if you wish, Red Hook, Williamsburg, Coney Island, the Mecca for for generations, Nathan's 1916 original, Russian neighborhoods, Italian, Jewish, Name it! You want diversity, you got it and Brooklyn has it all. Park Slope, Grand Army Plaza, Botanical Gardens and Eastern Parkway. So, you want to go to Brooklyn?

Gospel Service and Harlem Tour: Sundays are made for this, the welcome, the music, the spirit will grab you. There's nothing more impressive then the right church gospel service in Harlem with a tour of New York's largest and most exciting neighborhood. You'll be surprised, like most of New York, it's not what you think!

College Orientation Tour: For those who plan to attend college in New York City this tour is intended to enable you to use the city when you hit the ground. Subways, buses, safest places, places to avoid, where and how to get help and valuable information that will enhance your New York City experience as a new resident and student.

Career Change Tour: If career change looms over the horizon this tour will enable you to feel right at home as soon as your suitcase hits the floor. Where to go, eat, shop, how to use the transportation, common and helpful information what will provide a seamless adjustment to living and working in New York City.
Neighborhood tours provided to help you select where you may want to live.

Historical Tour: Let us take you back to 1609 when it all began, only 13 generations ago. Why did New York City get so big and not Philadelphia or Boston? Was it the Dutch, The Hudson River or the Erie Canal? How did it all happen? How did New York rise from ashes about 40 years ago to the urban envy of the world? Filled with sites of interest and stories galore, it's a favorite.

Shopping Tour: Don't waste time or money. Take a custom shopping tour with one of our expert female fashion Experts. Our shopping specialists know their business, where the best boutique shops are, designers, deals, trunk and sample sales, custom made Shops, neighborhoods that tourists just don't know, hidden vintage clothing shops, clothes for teens, punky, leather rock styles, shoes, shoes and more shoes. Highend, lowend, the living end, and at the end of the tour, you will have "accomplished" all you wish for. Let's shop!

Outer Borough Tour: Manhattan is 7% of the land area of New York City. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island await you, filled with fascinating sites, neighborhoods, parks, architecture and a buzz that completes the magic of the city; stroll down the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, experience Coney Island, The Grand Concourse, the real Little Italy, Botanical Gardens, Williamsburg, the history and beat of the "hidden" New York. Go places! The boroughs!

Your tour your way: Let your imagination run wild! Literary Pub Crawl, Graffiti, The Bronx, The Forgotten New York, Big City, Little Neighborhoods, Westside Story tour, Foodie Tour, Waterfront Tour, Sex and the City Tour, Five Borough Tour, Central Park Tour, Shopping Tour or any tour at all. Just ask!

If you want us to select the best guide who specializes in your interests we'd be delighted to make a few suggestions for you.

Just contact us at: or by phone at (212) 222-1441